Saturday, March 03, 2007

X-Hawk take off

Israel 2007: Urban Aeronautics keeps working on its X-Hawk. Clearly developed for military and control purposes ("aids and rescue" on their the website), it already has a US patent.
The first prototype was tested in January 2007, while the first official flight of a ready-to-go model is set for 2009.


skecth - in action after a bombing car attack

standard configuration

utility configuration

rescue configuration

taxi/patrol configuration

watch it here:
  • urban hawk

  • In watching the video, which i found quite awkward, the memories of Minority Report immediately popped in my mind. Maybe because of the speaker's voice (similar in tones to the one of the personalized commercials in the hollywood movie??)

    Washington, DC, 2054: flying vehicles of the Pre-Crime department in action. Prevent the crime, seen from the pre-cogs alert team, before it happens. No trial but imprisonment in the Hall of Containment.

    Weird process of association?