Thursday, March 08, 2007

Super Dutch - Super Blue Rotterdam

It may seem that i am making a series on Dutch 'happenings' but i am not. Also we can not avoid to underline how The Netherlands leads the top ten of the most active European countries with regard to architecture.
So i keep running into projects, design, art based there or made by Dutch.

Finally MVRDV completed their first project in their own city. Yeah, because The Netherlands is active but still there's people like Winka Dubbeldam (Archi- tectonics) who lives in the States and have never built anything in her home country and people like MVRDV - who are super acclaimed wherever they build and realized (because they were more lucky than Winka) many projects at home - but what they got to do in Rotterdam was a small private residence extension in Didden Village. I though it's pretty funny and so "we're architects, this is how it goes".

Just a little extension? On the roof top? We will make it noticeable! And here it is: I LOVE IT!!
Sottsass must be happy!