Friday, June 29, 2007

From NIB to MIMOA: user generated ARCHives get European

"NIB starts an international survey in order to promote the best emerging architects around the world. is the first interactive architecture, landscape and design network that since 2000 allows real-time self-publication of prizes, competitions, projects, ideas and texts. Unlike traditional media, participation, debate and freedom of expression are strongly encouraged and potentially unlimited. Self-publication, without any editorial interference, requires only a few seconds and it is available to all users for free".

"For European cities the Architectural Energy has become the foremost monitor for cultural and economic prosperity. Therefore bring this Modern Architecture closer. Your Modern Architecture, assembled, compiled and completed, synoptic, swift and always up-to-date. Architecture to be added, searched, visited and re-viewed, MY Modern Architecture: MIMOA".
Recently launched MIMOA [still in Beta Version] is for now a sort of little Phaidon Architecture Atlas for Europe: the big difference is that user decides which projects get in and which stay out. And eventually it will get much bigger than a Phaidon Atlas! It also might include projects by less famous architects in the near future.
It's worth a shot!

Unauthorized Access

There's a world below. Exactly below the Green Mill, historic jazz club of Chicago, reign of Al Capone during the 20's Prohibition Era. Exactly below the Uptown Teather and the Shake, Rattle & Read bookstore on the other side of the block.
A system of tunnels used to haul coal in the beginning of the century and then become the underworld for gangsters' affairs. A complex of hallways that many times served as mean of escape, to host illegal gambling but also as services space for the Green Mill and the clients of its beer garden back in the 20's.
A place none of us would be probably able to visit. Watch the tour taken by Chicago Tribune's reporters here

via Gapers Block

Thursday, June 21, 2007

Chipperfield's Turner Contemporary

David Chipperfield Architects has revealed its design for the Turner Contemporary gallery in Margate, UK. The scheme replaces Snøhetta Spence’s project (below) for a site at the end of Margate Pier, which was abandoned last year for costs issues.
The new scheme has been designed for a site on the edge of Margate Old Town. It will be built onto a high terrace to protect it from flooding. The terrace will also provide outdoor space adjacent to the café, offering views of Margate’s famed sunsets.
Approx 20m high over three storeys, the building will be a landmark visible from all the main entry points to the town. Inside, public circulation is via a staircase and lift in the centre of the building. The top floor will be dedicated to gallery space, with views in all directions.
It is set to be submitted for planning permission before the end of the year, with construction beginning at the end of summer 2008. The gallery is scheduled to open in 2010.

Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Batpod: motorcycles design frontiers!

The batpod is Batman's new bike! Will be ridden by the superhero in "The Dark Knight", sequel of the saga, to be released in 2008.
Actual creator of the piece is Nathan Crowley, also designer of the Batmobile for "Batman Begins."
French Jean-Pierre Goy, is the lucky stunt rider who's spent the last months testing it at some top-secret location in England.

"Goy is the only person who's ridden the new Batpod — a bike so outrageous it's hard to believe it was even built. It's not just because it's tricked out with grappling hooks, cannons and machine guns. The front and rear tires are both a monstrously huge 508 millimeters [it seems the belonged to an aircraft] , and the engines are in the hubs of each wheel. Steering isn't by hand but by shoulder, since there aren't handlebars. Instead, there are shields that fit each arm like sleeves and have the ability to rotate around the bike's frame. The two foot pegs are set 3 1/2 feet apart on either side of the tank, which the rider lies on, belly down. That tank also moves up and down — you know, in case Batman needs to dodge bullets or slide under semis." L.A. Times

Wish for a ride?

Monday, June 18, 2007

Rome Reborn 1.0

Circo Massimo


Foro Romano

It was unveiled on Monday, in Rome, the digital model Rome Reborn 1.0, that has been developed by the UCLA, the Poltecnico of Milan and the Virginia University since 1997.
The date in which Rome is represented is June 21, AD 320, supposely the period of highest splendor for the city.
"The model is the representation of our knowledge (and implicitly, of our ignorance) about the urban topography of ancient Rome at various period of time".
More info and the first released clips from the digital Rome, are available here

Gianfranco Ferre': 1944-2007. Goodbye to the architect of Fashion

Gianfranco Ferre' died yesterday evening in Milan. He was 62.
Architect and fashion designer, he founded one of the biggest and most famous maisons of the BelPaese.

Friday, June 08, 2007


Northside Chicago

zoom on my neighborhood [gulp!]

some folks

Southside Chicago

some folks here too

So here it is: an interactive map of the gangs boundaries in Chicago. Created by Juan Galvan for the Southside and by for the Northside and updated @ the 18th of December 2006. No warranty on the accuracy of the maps.
map's website

Unexpected high numbers of Streets domains.

Tuesday, June 05, 2007

The future of Istanbul

2010 is the date: European capital of culture.
Instabul reappears on the global scene with three main projects (at the date) in three strategic areas of the city.

Küçükçekmece-Avcılar, Galata Port, Kartal-Pendik.
For the first and the second, two international restricted competitions were launched in 2006: new residencial, commercial and recreational spaces to renovate disused industrial areas.

Lagoon of Küçükçekmece-Avcılar, west of the city, crossed by E5 (one of the major european arteries).
Llewelyn Davies Yeang International Office prevails upon Kengo Kuma and MVRDV with their 2km eco-corridor of uninterrupted green which covers aquatic park, natural reserves, cultural center, hotels, residences, leisure areas, beaches and service spaces.

Kartal-Pendik, east side of the city, close to airport.
Zaha Hadid prevails upon Massimiliano Fuksas and Kisho Kurokawa with her sculptural touch.
A "soft and deformable" grid lays and adapts itself to the existing context and infrastructures, generating a different typologies and buildings and allowing a gradual transition from low density to high density areas.

Galata Port
, core of the city, 1200m of coast, between the old neighborhood of Beyoğlu and in front of the Topkapı palace.
One of the biggest Project Financing procedures ever concluded: the International Consortium Royal Caribbean Cruises-Global Group acquires the area - 100000 mq of old docks - for 3.5 billions Euros. It will be converted in a modern luxury terminal for cruises + hotels, commerce, culture and recreation. It seems though that some irregularities in the process may leave space for a new competition.

via Abitare

Restyling Milan..towards the sky


Archea Associati

Boeri Studio

Just some shots from the exhibition "Nuove verticali a Milano", ongoing at the FMG center of the city.
Three projects under construction by 5+1AA, Archea Associati and Boeri Studio.
Changing the face of Milan, looking forward skyscrapers!

iPhone::coming soon!!

I totally want this marvelous object!
It will be available in stores on June 29 for the not bad (at all) price of 499$ [4GB] and 599$ [8GB]
Why not so bad:
- because in Italy they ask you to pay a last generation cellphone up to 500 Euros (and sometimes more, depending on optionals) and here they dare to ask 249$ for a locked (pleaseee), Gsm Motorola Razr (do we still sell this model in Italy?!?!)
- because after all, you're buying the newest iPod, an internet device and a cellphone
- because it's Apple, which mean a lot of cool stuff, that can be seen here

Take a look @ the commercial ads here