Tuesday, July 29, 2008

That white, sexy thing

In 2005, Wien-based Delugan Meissl won the competition for the new Porsche Museum on Porscheplatz in Stuttgart.
Today "that white sexy thing" - as a non architect friend referred to - is taking shape in Zuffenhausen, Porsche's headquarters area.
Here is a quick check!

:) this reflection can't be an just a coincidence, right??

"With our concept we wanted to translate the dynamism of Porsche into architecture. Our objective is to create a place in which sensory experiences can be felt by everybody - those qualities typical of Porsche such as power and passion." Roman Delugan
The opening of the new Porsche Museum is scheduled for the end of 2008.

Monday, July 28, 2008

Architecture Zoo: Weissenhof Siedlung

 Le Corb
 Le Corb
Le Corb
Yes, that's me in the picture!
 Kate and disembodiment (exhibit at the Weissenhof museum)
Stuttgart, 1927. The Werkbund presents a huge exhibition curated by Mies.
63 dwellings for 21 buildings. 16 Designers. 
11 Germans: Mies van der Rohe, Peter Berhens, Richard Docker, Walter Gropius, Ludwig
Hilberseimer, Hans Poelzig, Adolf Rading, Hans Scharoun, Adolf G. Schneck, Bruno
Taut, Max Taut.
5 Foreigners: Le Corbusier (France-Switzerland), Mart Stam
(Netherlands), Josef Frank (Austria), Jacobus Johannes Oud (Netherlads), Victor Bourgeois
Die Wohnung opens on July 23. In the first three months it counted more than half a million visitors.  
Today, all the building survived to WWII are private residences. Only Le Corb house can be visited twice a year.. (not on this trip unfortunately).. Next spring, another walk!

Friday, July 25, 2008

In case of weekly architectural/other stress: see Maeda's Law #1

which has nothing to do with Less is More btw!

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

New local trends

pics by ilenia

With a recent ordinance, the city of Florence forbids to its residents (and tourists) to dispose their cigarettes on the public ground.
Of course no public ashtray showed up
So directly from Ilenia's bag, the latest trend in town: the portable ashtray. Note the details!
Must be as fashionable, vintage and stilysh as every of your accessories! She assures it doens't smell!

What's up on TV?

via Ecosistema Urbano TV

Transparency Strength: 2 projects

2 projects i have been/am following in the past months.

Museion [Bolzano, Italy] - opened in May.
KSV Architects, Berlin
" The building’s cubic shape is charged with strong visual impact, and the architecture itself is a vehicle of dialog: the front and rear facades are largely transparent, and place the city’s historical center in dialog with some of its more recent areas, as well as with the meadows that flank the Talvera River. The new Museion building presents itself as an equally physical and symbolic links between the two parts of the city.
At night these facades become highly suggestive surfaces for the projection of newly commissioned artworks".

New Ars Electronica Center [Linz, Austria] - works in progress
Treusch Architects, Wien
"A new, multilevel wing is being erected immediately adjacent to the existing building. The two structures will be wrapped in a backlit glass shell that creates a unitary architectural ensemble. This cityscape highlight will function as a transparent light sculpture in its own right and the architectural counterpart of the Lentos across the Danube. The eastern end curves upward and features steps/tiered seating; the space directly below this will house the Ars Electronica Futurelab. Generously dimensioned exhibition spaces will be located beneath the plaza. The expanded Ars Electronica Center will feature approximately 6,500 m2 of space, almost 4,000 m2 more than the current facility. Completion is set for the end of 2008, just in time for the kickoff of the Capital of Culture year".

Sunday, July 20, 2008

Ozeaneum: the sea in Germany

I cannot avoid to restart my blog with one of Behnisch's projects!
The Ozeaneum in Stralsund (Northern Germany) has opened on July 11.
Celebrations have been great in the office for the largest European marine museum.

"The new Marine Museum in Stralsund is an open structure flooded from all sides by people and light, similar to the way stones in the sea near the water‘s edge are flooded by the surrounding water.
From every approach the changing alignment of the different parts of the building create a dynamism and varied form of the museum".