Saturday, November 25, 2006

ica in southpark

i finally made it to attend some classes!
me in southpark

via zee, via bassam.

Saturday, November 18, 2006

Tracking Routes

November 11: hundreds of books are released in Milan by the Bookcrossing people! an article shows up on the first page of one of the main Italian newspaper. I immediately get curious and look for Bookcrossing website (i wish i was in Milan, hunting!!!)
Bookcrossing is a way of diffusing books around the world: one become a member and register his books...then "release them in wild". Every book has a journal, and hopefully those who find one will make a journal entry, read the book and release it again!
I love this stuff! in fact i signed and bought a release kit!
But then i wonder how initiatives like that comes to the minds of their creators. Reading bookcrossing's history i found the link to two "historic" tracking projects - WheresGeorge and GeoCashing!
With where's george it is possible to register and track U.S. bills..i thought it was nice...but quite impossible!
Surprising delightful instead is GeoCashing! It's a scavenger hunt for cashes, physically positioned by the members and tracked down with a basic GPS equipment.

These people has their rules, code and language! There are 7 ongoing geocashing only in my neighborhood, Logan Square.
Geocashing is now being used by the primary schools in North Carolina to introduce technologies to students.
I would spend my whole life only partecipating in this kind of projects!!! :-)

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  • DasSparkHotel - contemporary existenzminimum

    Bauatelier Gropius photographed in 1927–28 by Edmund Collein.

    I am always pretty amazed of how opposite themes keep going on parallel paths.
    So i am amazed by the technologies and webness condition (things i like a lot to chat about) as well as i am amazed by the poeple who still experiment on existenzminimum.

    pics from

    DasSparkHotel is in Austria and it costs the price you're willing to pay for it! (which is a great incentive).. It's an ongoing project, supported by the customers who visit it!
    I would like to try!

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  • Master's tumble: meaning of balance in fractions of seconds

    It took me a while to metabolize what happened in Valencia on October 28, @ MotoGP's last appointment.

    Valentino crashes out

    When Valentino runs, he really runs fast: he likes to feel the extreme. He always pushes to the limit and sometimes he crosses it. With grace... just too close with his shoulders to the asphalt, just too fast in turning his head back to check on the others..
    Lost balance, no time or way to recover it. The bike goes..this time, the title goes with it.

    See you next year.