Wednesday, August 30, 2006


What are my assumptions on what i see?

I found out about the Frame Problem from watching Dickson movies during a Conflict&Time class.
It seems we deal with it every every field...

"Frames, according to many psychologists, linguists and cognitive scientists, are mental structures that are used to facilitate the thinking process. We use frames to provide categories and a structure to our thoughts. An example of this concept is George Lakoff's "Dont Think of an Elephant!" Lakoff, in teaching his Cognitive Science 101 course at the University of California, Berkeley gives his students a directive: DO NOT THINK OF AN ELEPHANT! According to Lakoff, it is impossible not to think of an elephant. The mere mention of the word "elephant" provokes an image and an accompanying frame.
Framing, is the process of selectively using frames to invoke a particular image or idea. This idea is often associated with a pre-conceived cultural metaphor"(Wikipedia).
Not to talk about Physics and AI!

by the way...Dickson movies are amazing...
here's a couple of links:

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  • Friday, August 25, 2006

    Back to IIT

    very first bad news is that the GUERRILLA studio has been renewed during summer
    the yellow and blue walls replaced with white aseptic ones..