Thursday, March 08, 2007

When Louvre gets 'away' from France

The project for the new Abu Dhabi' s branch of the Louvre is signed by Jean Nouvel, who presented his project yesterday during a signing meeting for the cultural exchange between the two countries. The agreement deal provides for the setting up of the museum in a man-made island off the coast of the Gulf Arab emirate.

With a series of other well known projects, like the amazing Performing Art Center by Zaha Hadid

and the unmistakable design of Tadao Ando for the Maritime Museum

it seems that the art/history sector of the Emirates is almost all set!
Marvelous designs for a the most eccentric project of the century: with Dubai and Abu Dhabi an incredible (sometimes unbelievable?) architectural scenography is growing at high speed rates. Oscar nominations might be welcome!