Saturday, February 24, 2007

24H Architecture: Dragspelhuset

Featured on the January issue of Architectural Record, Dragspelhuset is 24H Architecture's project for a fishing shack extension in Sweden.
Clearly inspired by Wright's FallingWater this marvelous architecture, with its complete control of wood shows a high rate of affection for the organic architecture of Alvar Aalto. And a typical northern attitude towards materials, space and environment.
Technology allows this cabin to amplify itself in a continuous game with the surronding environment: the extending and contracting portion, equipped with wheels rolls along steel rails and is manually operable thanks to a pulley system.

24H Architecture is a Dutch firm based in Rotterdam: their website is pretty interesting!

Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Urban Takeover - GLR laser graffiti show

"The Graffiti Research Lab is dedicated to outfitting graffiti writers, artists and protestors with open source tools for urban communication. The goal of the G.R.L. is to technologically empower individuals to creatively alter and reclaim their surroundings from commercial and corporate culture. G.R.L. agents are currently working in the lab and in the field to develop and test a range of experimental technologies for the state-of-the-art graffiti writer."

  • L.A.S.E.R.
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  • Sunday, February 11, 2007

    Floating architecture made in Holland

    DeltaInc edited and produced YKK in 2003.
    I ran into it today: sensual, powerful, perfect. Must be amazing at high resolution.
    New edition of Beyond Media?

  • YKK

  • I could not find much info on this mysterious guy though: i am thinking to write to him!

    Thursday, February 08, 2007

    Catch me if you can!

    Designed by a MIT student, Clocky snoozes only once. Then when it goes on again, it runs away and hides so you have to get out of bed to catch it! :-)
    If you have any problems...

    Architecture [inside out]

    Winka Dubbeldam, principal of the NY based Archi-tectonics gave a very nice lecture this evening at the Art Institute.
    Brief excursus of her office works to talk about the mathematics of architecture, the inside out process and the integral design.

    Gipsy Trail residence

    497 Greenwich Street, NY

    Q Tower, Philadelphia

    She also shortly introduce the PAN project. PAN - Progressive Architecture Network - is at the moment an itinerary exhibition which includes works and experimentations of Archi-tectonics, Jurgen Mayer, SVA-Sadar Vuga Arhitekti, Ian+ and R&Sie. The exhibition just conluded in NY and will take place in the near future in Berlin, Ljubljana, Rome and Paris.
    “The exhibition's visual excitement is analogous to the development of a dynamic organism; it should be viewed as a four-dimensional section through the network's material productions."
    said Winka Dubbeldam.


    Jurgen Mayer




    Next interesting appointment at the Art Institute is for March 28 with Greg Lynn.

    "And the city of the future is..."

    Martin Felsen and Sarah Dunn - UrbanLab

    UrbanLab won over Eric Owen Moss and ARO-Architecture Research Office.
    Chicago won over NY and L.A.

    Saturday, February 03, 2007

    - city makeover -

    pics by ChicagoTribune

    Go Bears!