Wednesday, December 10, 2008

the crew is heading north

the Behnisch crew is leaving for 2 days parties up north
Hamburg for visiting Haus im Haus and the construction site of MP Tower and Unilever
then Stralsund for our Christmas party at the Ozeaneum
weekend in Berlin...
4 days, 4 cities, 1850 km! bis montag!

Monday, December 08, 2008

Make me curious>>make me happy [2]

Pac-Man attempts to clear the game board of dots before getting caught by ghosts.

4 players are designated as Ghosts, 4 player are designated as Ghost Generals
1 player is designated as Pac-Man, 1 player is designated as Pac-Man's General.
Ghost Generals and Pac-Man's General fire up the control panel and select the corresponding character names from the list. The Ghosts and Pac-Man proceed to their starting locations. When all players are at their starting stations the Ghost and Pac-Man Generals move their icons to the starting point on the game board.

The Playing Area
The Pac-Manhattan grid covers a 6 x 4 block area surrounding Washington Square Park. Intersections are designated by a letter and number starting in the top left corner and continuing left to right
Power pellets are located at the intersections A1; E1; A6; E7 (i.e. the corners of the board) If they are active their intersection is colored yellow, when consumed their intersection turns white. Washington Square Park is off limits to all players.

Game Play
Pac-Man and Ghosts
At the start of the game, Pac-Man runs along the streets, staying outdoors, within the designated playing area at all times. The ghosts may begin to chase Pac-Man. Pac-Man continues to run the board until all of the dots are "eaten" or one of the ghosts eats Pac-Man.

Upon arriving at a street corner, Pac-Man and the Ghosts must report their new location to their respective Generals.
When Pac-Man arrives at an intersection with an available Power pellet he automatically consumes it. If being chased, Pac-Man must touch the pole at the corner to activate the power pellet. Upon consuming a power pellet Pac-Man is "invincible" for two minutes and may eat the ghosts. If a Ghost is eaten, the ghost must return to the starting point before being able to chase Pac-Man again.

Pac-Man's General can pass any information regarding the state of the board to Pac-Man.
Ghost Generals can inform the Ghosts of other ghosts' locations and Pac-Man's power up state (powered or not) but may not reveal Pac-Man's Location

Pac-Man receives 30 points per block traveled in entirety and 200 points for the first ghost captured during a particular power pellet's duration. Points gained for catching a Ghost are doubled for each subsequent Ghost (i.e.200, 400, 800, 1600).


via Doug's presentation 'Child and the City' today at lunchbreak
all images via

Make me curious>>make me happy [1]

Share-it square and City Repair are based in Portland and they are awesome!
Share-it Square, at the intersection of Southeast Ninth and Sherett Avenue in Portland, was started in 1996 by the Sellwood neighborhood.
more info can be found here and here

I found this video of the City Repair's 7th Annual Village Building Convergence [held last May]

via Doug's presentation 'Child and the City' today at lunchbreak


"Rotterdam-based architects MVRDV recently won the Gwanggyo City Centre Competition with their design of this incredible new city just south of Seoul, South Korea. Envisioned as a verdant acropolis of organic ‘hill’ structures, the proposed complex is a fully self-sufficient city for up to 77,000 inhabitants. Similar nodes, common in South Korea, concentrate residences, work and play all in one interactive center, reducing dependency on auto or train travel and building a strong sense of community".

via Inhabitat

Tuesday, December 02, 2008

people are strange


People are strange on Vimeo.