Friday, March 09, 2007

Feeling for a Skywalk

It is scheduled for the end of this month the opening of the Grand Canyon Skywalk.
The glass and steel pathway weighs 450 tons and will cantilever for 82ft (25m) at the height of 4000 ft ca (1200 m) above the Colorado river. The tallest height that man can reach using a built structure.
Skywalk has been positioned through a complex system of pulleys and 4 huge tractors. For safety requirements, its structure has been designed to bear up to 8 Richter degrees earthquakes and 160 ml/hr (80km/h) wind.
The structure has been commissioned by the Hualapai tribe: 2200 Native Americans who own a great portion of the southern side of Grand Canyon. Understandable economic interests, not so agreeable actions.

Vertigo is not allowed!