Sunday, April 26, 2009

out there>spacing>seriously

spring energy>unexpected events>feed for my brain>nurture for my soul
brief summary of what i am up to:

personal work

readings [not necessarily in the order]

finally reading 'life between buildings'

making the acquaintance of and basically now reading 3 wired editions: US, UK, IT

between the sofa and the bed
[& loving steph 4 leaving me the book before returning to US]

inspiration and study

typography truly is a beautiful science/art

getting ready to rock

[i know natalie is smiling over this very famous statement of mine]


getting psychologically and fashion-wise ready to the imminent weddings of very good friends!

borrowed this pic from Joanna's 'a cup of jo'

all into my [our] 5km in 30 min training

still giggling over my new haircut!