Sunday, October 19, 2008

Domino city

I just got to see the new ad for the Sony Bravia (not released in Europe yet) and i did not like it much! Disappointment! :[

Domino City on Vimeo

On our TVs we still get only Play Doh (also known as Bunnies ): I love it..i just cant help it!
I love Rolling Stones' "She is like a rainbow", i love the colorful NY...i love the faces of people like the animation was happening for real around them!
Play Doh is the third Bravia spot (after Balls and Paint) for the European Market. It has been realized in 3 weeks: 40 animators and 2.5 tons of plasticine!
Hopefully it will stay on for another bit!

"Play-Doh" on Vimeo.

Sony Bravia 'Play-doh' Making Of on Vimeo.