Sunday, August 10, 2008

Someone stop Zaha Hadid!!

The futuristic, plastic shoes that star architect Zaha Hadid designed for Melissa will be presented on the 18th of September, during the fashion week of London.
Now, i am not surprised if a shoes company calls a star architect for the job, plus Melissa counts collaborations with designers like Vivienne Westwood and Karim Rashid.
I can't just stop being surprised with why a star architect can't just say "Sorry i can't do this" but decides to sit down and transport his/her brand (because that's what we're talking about, right?!) into plastic shoes or who knows what else..
Beautiful animation, produced by Neutral (one of my favorites british architectural video makers) for a very nice design and a fashionable outcome..unfortunately only in the animation..the real ones are ugly!

Produced in limited edition, your new plastic shoes will cost approx 200 pounds (for you ONLY 255,95 euros)!
If you're worried about not being enviroment friendly, London Times Online reassures that "all products are created from sustainable sources and that the shoes can be disassembled and recycled too, making them ideal for vegans, environmentalists - and architects". [ha-ha, ok we deserved the subtle joke]
Meanwhile, since we make shoes like we make buildings, a huge mock-up model has being moved across Sao Paulo and placed into Melissa's showroom for an exhibition. As for massive trusses due on construction sites, traffic has being diverted or slowed down because of the building Zaha Hadid has just designed for your feet.
Speaking of which, are those who get their hands dirty Melissa's interns or Zaha's interns?

If this was a happy ending movie, a superhero would show up to save our feet from sweating and suffering into the malefic architect's shoes.