Monday, July 28, 2008

Architecture Zoo: Weissenhof Siedlung

 Le Corb
 Le Corb
Le Corb
Yes, that's me in the picture!
 Kate and disembodiment (exhibit at the Weissenhof museum)
Stuttgart, 1927. The Werkbund presents a huge exhibition curated by Mies.
63 dwellings for 21 buildings. 16 Designers. 
11 Germans: Mies van der Rohe, Peter Berhens, Richard Docker, Walter Gropius, Ludwig
Hilberseimer, Hans Poelzig, Adolf Rading, Hans Scharoun, Adolf G. Schneck, Bruno
Taut, Max Taut.
5 Foreigners: Le Corbusier (France-Switzerland), Mart Stam
(Netherlands), Josef Frank (Austria), Jacobus Johannes Oud (Netherlads), Victor Bourgeois
Die Wohnung opens on July 23. In the first three months it counted more than half a million visitors.  
Today, all the building survived to WWII are private residences. Only Le Corb house can be visited twice a year.. (not on this trip unfortunately).. Next spring, another walk!