Thursday, February 08, 2007

Architecture [inside out]

Winka Dubbeldam, principal of the NY based Archi-tectonics gave a very nice lecture this evening at the Art Institute.
Brief excursus of her office works to talk about the mathematics of architecture, the inside out process and the integral design.

Gipsy Trail residence

497 Greenwich Street, NY

Q Tower, Philadelphia

She also shortly introduce the PAN project. PAN - Progressive Architecture Network - is at the moment an itinerary exhibition which includes works and experimentations of Archi-tectonics, Jurgen Mayer, SVA-Sadar Vuga Arhitekti, Ian+ and R&Sie. The exhibition just conluded in NY and will take place in the near future in Berlin, Ljubljana, Rome and Paris.
“The exhibition's visual excitement is analogous to the development of a dynamic organism; it should be viewed as a four-dimensional section through the network's material productions."
said Winka Dubbeldam.


Jurgen Mayer




Next interesting appointment at the Art Institute is for March 28 with Greg Lynn.