Saturday, January 20, 2007

1957-2007: 50 years of 500

It was 1957 when the Fiat 500 made its entry to the market, becoming one of the most diffused car in Italy.
Some data:
Wheelbase: 1.84 m
Length: 2.97 m
Width: 1.32 m
Height: 1.32 m
Designer: Dante Giacosa
Cost: 490.000 Italian Lire - ca 245 today's Euros (sounds nice!)

all the models can be found at

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  • 500 was (and still is) a stunning phenomenon for Italians: a real cult. We all know it. Some of my generation still were able to take a ride. Then it became a thing for collectors. No more allowed to circulate because they pollute too much, you can find 500s on special days (historic cars shows and rides, fan clubs meetings).

    But 500 is a matter of design, a status symbol! And fortunately Fiat sometimes gets what really matters. So here it its new full splendor! The new Fiat 500, ready to go, will be launched on September 15, 2007.

    Meanwhile Italians [and not only] kill the time at the official website, customizing, designing, praising the beloved car! with nice results!

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