Saturday, November 18, 2006

Tracking Routes

November 11: hundreds of books are released in Milan by the Bookcrossing people! an article shows up on the first page of one of the main Italian newspaper. I immediately get curious and look for Bookcrossing website (i wish i was in Milan, hunting!!!)
Bookcrossing is a way of diffusing books around the world: one become a member and register his books...then "release them in wild". Every book has a journal, and hopefully those who find one will make a journal entry, read the book and release it again!
I love this stuff! in fact i signed and bought a release kit!
But then i wonder how initiatives like that comes to the minds of their creators. Reading bookcrossing's history i found the link to two "historic" tracking projects - WheresGeorge and GeoCashing!
With where's george it is possible to register and track U.S. bills..i thought it was nice...but quite impossible!
Surprising delightful instead is GeoCashing! It's a scavenger hunt for cashes, physically positioned by the members and tracked down with a basic GPS equipment.

These people has their rules, code and language! There are 7 ongoing geocashing only in my neighborhood, Logan Square.
Geocashing is now being used by the primary schools in North Carolina to introduce technologies to students.
I would spend my whole life only partecipating in this kind of projects!!! :-)

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