Thursday, September 21, 2006

Vema2026: the possible utopia

Finally i got a chance to surf the Venice Biennale website and take a look to the Italian pavillion exhibit!
Theme: the foundation of the utopian city Vema (half way from both VErona and MAntova) in the middle of Pianura Padana.
Curator: Franco Purini
Participants: 20 groups/architects under 40

A very conservative operation:
- founding a city
-- in a well defined portion of land with physical borders
--- respecting a pre ordered masterplan

Each gruop was given a lot with a specific program

A very conservative operation, for a very provocative outcome!
The result is a possible utopia: different design languages (which could be seen as a problem) for similar issues, addressed from different point of views and backgrounds. The utopian city is born, but it could easily be a real city.
All together the works give, in my opinion, an high quality picture of a new italian attitude!

Paolo Iotti, Marco Pavarani - Slow Town Vema [public&commercial spaces]

Special mention for my friends Avatar Architettura with their T.I.M.E. SWAP© - Total Integral Market Experience. Claire looks great in the picture - lol

Is the time for fresh air finally arrived?! Knowing the very hard time young architects in my country deal with...the only reasonable thing that i would say is: ''Would you please let them build?!!"
After years of boring stuff...a good italian pavillion!

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